Capturing the moments

we sometimes miss

in the blink of an eye

and the magic inbetween

Life happens fast. Your little energetic puppy with the dark nose seems to turn grey overnight.

You wonder where the years have gone and can’t remember life before them or a time that you left the house not covered in pet hair.

Since I was a child, I could look through boxes of old family photos for hours. I would spy moments that at one time I was sure I would never forget. But memories fade.

Thankfully the photos did not. Photographs preserve priceless moments long after our memories have failed us.

You make the memories.  Allow me to capture the moments that we all sometimes miss in the blink of an eye and the magic inbetween. Contact me today to set up your pet photography session.

Raleigh Pet Photos – Tara Lynn specializes in pet photography in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Tara Lynn is available for limited family sessions, professional head shots and commercial photography.


Let your pooch take the spotlight in front of the camera.  We’ll focus on capturing your pet’s personality and the special bond you uniquely share.  This session includes up to four subjects at a location of your choosing.



We know our time with our pets doesn't last forever, but that doesn't make saying good-bye any less painful. Celebrate the lifetime of love you have shared in a special photo session with your soul pet. Senior Soul sessions receive priority booking.



Four-legged children are often the first babies of a famiy. It's exciting when pet parents welcome tiny humans to the family too! Maternity, newborn, and first year sessions are available on a limited basis. Previous pet clients receive priority booking.



I've told stories my entire life.  From scrapbooking as a child to spending ten years as a tv news journalist, I've always sought to document a moment; to capture a feeling and preserve it.  Photography is no different.  We snap a photo, blink, and suddenly it's ten, fifteen or thirty-eight years later.  Those photos give life to stories we could otherwise only try to share with words.  

I thrive when I am able to share my passion for pets and photography.  When I'm not working, I'm playing with my two daughters, visiting (every restaurant in) Charleston, cheering on the Tar Heels and researching my next trip to Europe with my husband.